Prayer Alerts Welcome

Welcome intercessors! If you are a prayer intercessor for the church and city, these are posts that we think you will find important. Anyone can access this information here from our website, but if you are part of our phone text alert network and have identified yourself as an intercessor, then you will receive phone texts.

Your phone texts will have a hyperlink that takes you directly to the full prayer post on this site, which will have all the details you need that we won’t put in a short phone text.

Intercessors will probably receive more phone texts and will have more posts that others because of the nature of what you do– PRAY! And as you already know, timely information for people who pray is very important, particularly in times of great importance or crisis.

Just remember, this is an ALERT network, not a general prayer center. For that, you need to check out and help cover the city 24/7 in prayer. PLUS, you can download our APP “” from either iTunes or Google Play. The APP gives you a daily Scripture and you can opt for a 2-minute prayer audio each day. We also send out prayer directives through the APP each week.

This mission of Charlotte Awake is to call the church to revival in order to fulfill the Great Commission in new ways in these last days.

Stay in the Loop!

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