Event Reporting Welcome

The only place you will find event reporting is here on the website. We will not send text messages because there would be far too many of them, and in short order we’d be SPAMMERS!

So, come instead to the website and click on the category that says, “Event Reporting.” When you do that, a list of event titles and blurbs will appear. Click on whatever event post you are interested in and through the miracle of interstellar technology, you will see the entire post on the event.

At Charlotte Awake we monitor social media that particularly relates to Charlotte, churches in Charlotte, and revival. We won’t post everything because we can’t do better than the news agencies. But what we post are the happenings that we think are important for the church to know.

This mission of Charlotte Awake is to call the church to revival in order to fulfill the Great Commission in new ways in these last days.

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* Monthly email "Revival Dispatch," with interesting things like what’s happening, and other cool things. Don’t worry, no spam. Or cat memes. We promise.