Pastor Alerts

All City Pastors Prayer (Tuesday 9/12/2017)

This invitation is for pastors who the Holy Spirit has made overseers of congregations in the Charlotte Metroplex. Please come and gather together in prayer on September 12th to cry out for the salvation of our city and the exaltation of Jesus Christ over the Charlotte Metroplex.

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Pastor Alerts Welcome

Welcome pastors! You need information that is timely, important, and actionable. So, when you receive a text from us it is ONLY because we think you will want this information to give to your congregations, or that you may need action. When we send you a phone text, it will be short, sweet, and to the point. It will contain a hyperlink to the full post on this website where you can find out all the details. You can also scroll through all the previous alerts in case there is something you may have missed. That’s it! Thanks.

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