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Event Reporting Welcome

The only place you will find event reporting is here on the website. We will not send text messages because there would be far too many of them, and in short order we’d be SPAMMERS! So, come instead to the website and click…

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Prayer Alerts Welcome

Welcome intercessors! If you are a prayer intercessor for the church and city, these are posts that we think you will find important. Anyone can access this information here from our website, but if you are part of our phone text alert network…

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Pastor Alerts Welcome

Welcome pastors! You need information that is timely, important, and actionable. So, when you receive a text from us it is ONLY because we think you will want this information to give to your congregations, or that you may need action. When we send you a phone text, it will be short, sweet, and to the point. It will contain a hyperlink to the full post on this website where you can find out all the details. You can also scroll through all the previous alerts in case there is something you may have missed. That’s it! Thanks.

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